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  • Poetry Mash-Up

    Hello fellow LRA members! Something I’ve been struggling with for a while is that I found it in myself to be able to write lyrics or poems. This flows out of me best if I listen with a hip hop instrumental, although I don’t really listen to hip hop or care to perform it. I guess at some point I “lost it” once I realized I don’t see…[Read more]

  • Good morning LRA! I thought I would share a quick story with you all. I recently started my own business and got really busy, really fast. In my field typically one person should only be handling 1-2 clients at a time, and I skyrocketed to 5. At first everything was great, but as each project progressed time became short. I ended up pulling all…[Read more]

  • Good morning from AZ fellow London Realers! I thought I would share a piece of my work with you all, hope you enjoy!

    I work in the field of Steel Detailing which is a computer aided drafted service in which I interpret engineering blueprints into a real life workable model. Once this model has been completed I then provide a drawing of each…[Read more]

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    • Very nice! What are those little orange lines on top of each horizontal piece (in the computer rendering)?

      • Thank you! What you’re seeing there are called deck studs or automatic welded studs. After the steel you see has been erected they need to fill up the open spaces with a floor pan called decking and that is welded to our steel with those orange studs. After that they can pour concrete onto the floor to create the walking surface for the floor.

  • Hey fellow academy members! Robert here from Gilbert, Arizona USA. After watching London Real for about 2 years and following the progress of the academy I finally found the resources to join! Here are my 3 goals:

    1. Become self-accountable
    2. Create and follow a morning routine
    3. Launch one of two of my inventions with a crowd funding…[Read more]

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