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  • Brian Rose wrote a new post, Ido, on the site London Real 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    • Thankyou SO much!!! This haS BEEN fantastic and its day 1 for me but it completely made sense to me! SO grateful to you both!!!

      #onelove #inspiration #beatingaddiction

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    • I’m signed in but it won’t let me watch

    • Can’t watch after signing in :/

    • Watch, I cannot.
      Bummed, I am.

    • Signed in, can’t watch it still. Please fix the issue. Thanks.

    • i’ve found gabor mate` a few months ago, i really do like his work, thanks brian 🙂
      i’m also logged in and cant watch due to the same issue

    • Disappointed this hasn’t been fixed yet. Youtube is a great platform, you’ll get better result by not gating content that doesn’t even load.

    • cannot watch, don’t know why…..

    • i am signed in, also cannot watch

    • Successfully logged in; cannot watch video. Wassup?

    • Vid don’t work!

    • Those disappointed that this video wont work and probably wont be fixed in the near future,just search for Gabor Mate on YouTube, hes done plenty of interviews with other organisations, who are happy with their content on the YouTube platform.

    • Looks like another clickbait scam to get website views.

    • What did you think of my conversation with Gabor?

      • Awesome! I’d be very interested in hearing more about your journey to recovery. Do you have a video on your journey?

      • Absolutely brilliant. I am a recovering addict that fights everyday not to use drugs and alcohol not to feel . I attended a rehab roughly four years ago that touched on childhood trauma although in a very limited way . It was enough to give me awareness though ( after numerous conventional rehabs)
        I am clean ( in the drugs and alcohol sense) but am still very lost . I have a ” successful ” career that to me is empty . I am a parent and am truly scared that I have inflicted emotional trauma on my kids ( through separation etc) . This video resonated with me and I feel I have had some sort of awakening . I feel like I owe it to myself to learn more .
        I am from Sydney Australia

        Thank you so much


        • Hi Adam

          My name is Sam and i am from Sydney Australia. I feel the same way you do.

          Thank you Brian for such an amazing program.

          Thank you

        • Adam, as you learn more about childhood trauma you will find out just how resilient a child’s mind is. With love and strong attachment ( which you are already showing by recognizing the possibility of having inflicted trauma to them) they will heal.

    • Love Gabor Mate, his books have been a great help into understanding the roots of my addiction. I can completely identify with what he’s saying. In sobriety I have had many repressed memories come back and its amazing how childhood has affected me as an adult and I didn’t even know it! I do now and I am starting to come to terms with how this all manifests itself in my brain. So insightful.

    • briliant stuff, and correct and brave on terrorism.

    • I’m wondering how is it that noy everyone who experienced childhood trauma becomes addicted?
      Wonderful interview! Thank you. ♡♡

      • I guess it’s because different people react to things in different ways. Someone who experiences trauma might decide that they have to be strong and fight for everything they have while another person might decide that there’s no hope and they have to do whatever they can to have some short term pleasure

      • Helen, is this anywhere close to a proper reply? every single one of us is made up differently- from different dna, to being in different physical and emotional environments. The more innate sensitive soul is gonna struggle more easily than less thinned-skinned populations. trauma means a different reaction and result for every one. In addition, another thing that adds difficulty, like he stated, the tougher the environment and emotional struggles in the life of the pregnant mother, has tremendous impact on the unborn baby and of course has potential to show itself in the infant after birth and throughout life. I want to read his book on adhd. What a brilliant man.

    • One of the wisest interviews on LR. What a lovely man. I loved every minute of the conversation. Thank you!

    • Brian you are an amzing guy (no homo) with an amazing program. I wish i had your passion and intensity for life on a consistant level and not just in speriodic bouts.

      Thank you for this video

    • as much as I understand that London real needs money to keep on working, as much as I think that there is something quite hateful about charging for the “professional success secrets” of the invited guests. It’s quite in opposition to the “truth-seeking” aspects of Brian’s choices who to invite and why their message is so important to be shared. To watch 1h45 of Gabor Maté and then hear that I’d have to pay to listen to the personalities who inspired Maté, seems …..silly. London Real can make money differently.

    • Dr Gabor Mate is a very insightful man, having followed his work for a while. So I was particularly thrilled that you had him on your show Brian. The overall interview was very good. I love the fact that you really let your guests become the centre of the show. Sounds like common sense but not all interviewers demo this. Thank you

    • This guy is brilliant. So beautifully presented, so open and deep. best interview for me thus far. Thank you

    • 28 minute in- the greatest point he made was about ones hunger for success and the niggling subtext of the fear: “do they want me or do they just want what im doing for them?” ” you can never get enough. is your hunger about being and not having been accepted just for being”. More please Brian!! Thank you Dr. Mate.

    • Great interview! I love that feeling when you finish watching something and you just feel like it accelerated your growth so much more. That this knowledge will keep you going for a long time to come. Awesome, thank you for doing what you’re doing!

    • Thank you Brian for an awesome program! Dr Mate is such an inspiration for my own inner work as well as my Trauma work in Cape Town, South Africa.

    • Wow,I am 72 and Gabor shows it’s never too late to change.thank you.

    • Rare diamond, brilliantly interviewed and presented! Thank you LONDONREAL.

    • This guy is SUCH a blessing, love him and his wisdom. I was surprised and shocked though when he mentioned that trauma is not addressed by psychiatrists or those treating addiction. I really thought it was common knowledge – even dare I say, common sense to know that trauma is the root of these sorts of issues. Even I know it and I’m not a medical professional of any sort! I really hope that changes soon.
      Thank you for this amazing interview 🙂 <3

      • Unfortunately it will not change in a hurry. This goes way deeper than you realise. Disassociation is a huge factor in abhorrent human behaviour in current society.

    • At last ,someone who recognises through his own life and expertise what a human being is….we must not break each other , because once too broken apart emotionally, mentally and physically, (the human trine) It feels like that forever , how ever much we try to stick ourselves back together, there will always be gaps where the cold ,pain and fear can enter, overwhelmingly so….we’re just trying to protect ourselves anyway we can through excessive our behaviour patterns…..eventually the body says no more I am sick ,let me go… Love is everything affection and kindness is always the answer…and we might save or lessen the longterm effects….Thankyou for bringing this man to London. A city driven by addictions.

    • Thank you so much for bringing Dr. Mate on. He has been one of my heros, and so has Eckhart Tolle, since I have been pursuing a way to help people my whole life as well. I never call myself a healer either, but you brought out things that I have never heard Dr. Mate say and I appreciate you value his insights.

    • Amazing!
      I have been subscribed to LondonReal for a while now but this was the first time I actually watched a whole episode, I felt that this interview had a lot to do with the current phase of my life, and it helped me realise so many thing that I wasn’t aware about.
      Thank you so much for this! I will probably watch more full interviews from now on.
      Actually, Dr. Mate mentioned Sadhguru and I think that could be a really good interview as well.

    • wow. speechless.

    • Outstanding interview, Brian! One of your best!!

    • Thank you Brain for bring Dr Mate onto LondReal, and by the way you are an excellent human being. Dr Mate is truly and amazing, amazing man and he speaks the truth on so many levels. Dr Mate knows what he is talking about and I only hope that others within the mental health and addiction system who can make changes, take notice of what Dr Mate is saying and help him make the changes we disparately need to help heal people rather than continuing to traumatize people under the disguies of helping them. I too know first hand about addiction and the many forms it can come in and the divtation it has on peoples lifes and the people that love them. It is a most worthy subject to be bring to the conciousness of people….THANK YOU!

    • Life altering ….

    • Thamk you Brian for bringing on Dr Mate. very informative.

    • Thank you Brian for bringing on Dr Mate. very informative.

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    • I very much enjoyed my time with Master Chia and yes he got me our of my comfort zone indeed!! I hope you can take some actionable information away from this. Please leave your comment below and tell me your thoughts!! Peace and sharpen that knife 🙂

      • Amazing guest! I wish to see more of these people, not just MMA fighters and BS motivation coaches.
        Goggins would be another great guest under your scope!

      • I have trained in Qi Gong for 20 years and it has saved my life several times, the health benefits are daily and its free medicine for the soul

      • I watch this regularly and it has given me new focus and direction. Thank you

    • No taboos on thet pass, well done… there should be more light on thet metter … too much demones there (parhapes the main one)

    • Great!

    • I read the multi orgasmic male and it changed my life. I didn’t even realize he was the author until I googled him after your preview clips.

      I just want to tell everyone that this is life changing stuff and IT WORKS. In the west it’s very hard to buy into these concepts and when we hear stuff like Chi it’s foreign to us. But please try it for a few weeks and you will be amazed at how well it works

      You can have multiple orgasms as a Man and HAVE NO COME DOWN FEELING OF TIREDNESS – IT IS GODLY

    • I always thought he was Chinese Malaysian, he speaks like a Thai. Strange, I knew he wrote about Taoist practice stuff,

    • I signed up because of this video! Very interesting indeed! Very random too. Got a very important lesson out of this which was to not waste your energy which i do a lot! Reserve it and to great thingsThanks Brian!

    • Also Read Kundalini Energy Of The Depths: By Lilian Silburn and Awakening The Third Eye: By Samuel Sagan. Your Welcome!

    • So powerful! This was so inspiring! Anyone who wonders about ‘Western’ research on energy should read and re-read ‘Power Versus Force’ by David Hawkins. It was monumental and life changing for me in understanding not only these life enhancing energies of love, joy and compassion, etc but also the gravitational pull of the darker, slower life depleting energies of anger, fear and despair, etc. The research HAS been done in these areas according to a scientific method in the USA – start with David Hawkins!!

    • Amazing I wanna download this and watch it at least once a week such a riveting video

    • One of your best interviews :]

    • Thank you so much! Much appreciated!

    • It’s so staggering…he is saying everything that is said in Bioenergetics lol!

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    • Phenomenal video! So many jewels it’s ridiculous! In all aspects of life business music sports you name it! High-performance

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    • Fantastic interview. What a wonderful, genuine man Nigel is, plus a top class referee. I’ve met him in Galway a few times and he always has time to chat to my son. As a psychotherapist and someone who’s suffered from depression myself, I applaud his openness in discussing his difficulties and encouraging others to do so.
      Thanks Brian and Nigel

      • I think what he’s doing is very important. I can only imagine the kind of pain someone would feel if they were gay but felt like the world wanted them to be straight. When he spoke about trying to kill himself, that really hit home for me.

    • Nigel has a bueatiful soul! a lucid and inspirational interview thank you Brian & Nigel

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